698 Osborne St. Winnipeg, MB (204) 478-7275

Bookings & Venue Info

At the Park, we offer an alternative to many of the city’s larger live music/theatre venues. The Park is the ideal intimate setting for any artist wishing to truly connect with their audience, and is becoming renown for its crisp sound, unique atmosphere, and comfortable setting for both audience and artist alike.

The goal at the Park is to offer an affordable space to small scale theatre productions, local performances and community events. The Park Theatre, located less then 5 minutes from downtown Winnipeg is available for social or business events.

To book an event at the Park Theatre – call Erick Casselman at 204-478-7275 or email parktheatrecafe@gmail.com

Please call for pricing on public performance and/or private events.

During all events, the front cafe does remain open to your guests and the general public

The Park Theatre can be rented for all your private events, from Birthday Parties, Social Gatherings, Seasonal Parties, etc; we also can rent out the entire building for events. Please call Erick for quotes on private events at 204-295-7981.

(Booking a Child’s Birthday? Click Here)

Flexible seating/standing arrangement

  • Capacity 250
  • Dance Floor
  • Mix of tables and chairs
  • Two fully licensed bar
  • Friendly, experienced staff (best staff in the city)
  • Full Multimedia Capabilities, with a 23 foot screen and curtain.
  • Great safe neighborhood


  • 40′ by 80′ (3200 square foot room for the main venue)
  • Intimate  1800 sq ft Lobby/Bar in the front

Stage Dimensions

  • 24” by 16.5′ stage.


4 Separate 15-20R circuit receptacles built directly into the stage. 2-50 amp 120/240 volt receptacle built right into the stage. 6-15R circuits built around the stage.


25 foot high ceiling and clear view with no columns or obstructions, full lighting rig installed.


Fully controlled with air conditioning and fresh air all year round.


250 person capacity for sit-down shows, 330 capacity for stand up

If you would like to book a show at the Park, please call Erick @ 204.295.7981 or 204.478.7275 or parktheatrecafe@gmail.com

Park Stage view w:seats


 Venue Equipment Specifications

  • Yamaha LS9-32.
  • 2x Furmam M-8L.
  • Numark cd player MP102
  • APC ups XS-1300
  • DBX Driverack PA
  • 8x RCF HDL-20a 126 SPL at front of house
  • 2x RCF SUB 8006-as
  • 3x Yamaha P3500S monitor power amp
  • 1x Yamaha C215V drum fill
  • 6x Yamaha CM12V monitor
  • 6x Shure SM58
  • 4x Shure SM57
  • 1x Shure Beta57
  • 2x Shure PG81
  • 3x Shure PG56
  • 1x Shure PG52
  • 3x Audix D2
  • 1x Audix D4
  • 2x Rode NT5
  • 4x Radial Pro48
  • 2x Radial ProDI
  • 2x Behringer Ultra DI
  • 2x round base mic stand
  • 4x K&M drum clip
  • 9x K&M short boom mic stand
  • 11x K&M tall boom mic stand
  • 2x K&M tall mic stand
  • 38x Neutrik 25′ XLR
  • 4x Neutrik 50′ XLR


  • ETC Smartfade.
  • Kramer switcher VP-728
  • Sony blu-ray BDP-S300
  • 2x ETC Smartpack 12 channel dimer s
  • Chauvet data stream 4
  • 12x Martin Rush Par 1
  • 8x Microh LEDP64KDII
  • 6x ETC Source 4
  • 1x ETC Source 4 jr zoom
  • 3x Colortran Zoom
  • 7x par 64
  • 4x Source 4 style par
  • Amarican DJ HZ-100T hazer

Projection System

  • Hitachi CP-WUX645N
  • 3LCD technology – 3x brighter, 3x the colour
  • 4200 Lumens
  • HDTV: 720p, 1080i, 1080p/60 576i
  • Native: 1920×1200 Pixels
  • HDMI / VGA connection to our Video Switcher
  • 2,304,000 Pixels


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